solar grounding lugs

Solar Mounting Components – Solar Grounding Lugs

Product Type: Solar Earthing Kits
Product Model: Solar-Grounding-Lugs-PV-Earthing-Lug
Material: Aluminium, Steel
Max Wind Load : 60 m/s
Max Snow Load : 1.4 KN / M 2
Application: Solar earthing Grounded
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Product Description


PV gounding lug is designed to fit alum rail perfectly , it’s a common component for bonding and earthing system.


Solar ground lugs can be made of aluminium in material, located for side of alum rails .


Galvanized grounding lugs are well electric conductive . We don’t using bare-copper or low quantity aluminum which can be corroded and cause faulty circuit and fire hazard.


PV grounding clamps is a essential parts for grounding solar panels.


Prevent oxidation by using serrated teeth and ribs .





  1. Accelerating installation by pre-assembled grounding lug kits ;


  1. Quick installation prevent damage from rack or panel ;


  1. Electro plated tin finishing solar earthing lug ;


  1. Corrosion resistance, easy torque .


  1. Good performatnce in salty and fog environment like seaside or forest .


  1. This solar grounding clamps can fit aluminum rails firmly , 10 years’ warranty .




Material List for solar grounding clamps : anodized AL6005-T5 aliminium clip , stainless steel head screw , SUS 304 bolt .

Brief Descriptions :
Solar Grounding Lugs for earthing grounded systems
Item type:Solar Mounting Components
Technical Parameters :
Installation Site :solar panel mounting
Profile Material :AL 6005 – T5 ( Anodized )
Fasten Parts :SUS 304 Steel
Color :Anodized Silvery
Wind Load :60 m / s
Snow Load :1.4 KN/M2
PV Modules :Framed
Module Orientation :Portait and Landscape
Standards :AS/NZS 1170
DIN 1055
JIS C 8955 : 2011
International   Building Code IBC 2009
California   Building Code CBC 2010
Warranty10 years
Designed LifeSpan25 years
Packing Details :
Inner :Bubble bag+inner box+Carton
Outer :Wooden Box, Steel Pallet, MDF, etc

Drawing for this solar grounded lug

Sizes, profile, drawing for this earthing ground lugs

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