solar mounting rails SPC-R001

Solar Panel Mounting Rail SPC-R001

Product Type: Solar Panel Mounting Components
Product Model: Solar-Mounting-Rails-SPC-R001
Material: Aluminium, Anodized
Max Wind Load : 60 m/s
Max Snow Load : 1.4 KN / M 2
Application: Solar Panels Installation
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Item : Solar PV Mounting Rail Model – SPC-R001

Weight(kg/m) : 0.7 kg / meter ;

Packing : 500 Pieces / Carton ;

1. SPC-R001 Mounting Rail has 3 sides for installing, top side for Solar Panel , Bottom
and Side for tile hook , Top and Side are for Bolts, bottom side is for T-Bolt or ordinary bolt.

2. Tilt in Nut Bolt is esay for installing, labor, time, cost effective .

3. Rail splice kit can be convenient to connect together for this solar mounting rail model : SPC-R001,
it’s light in weight, easy for transportation, fast installation .

4. Section profile and drawing of Solar PV Mounting Rail SPC-R001 as below .

solar mount rails SPC-R001 drawing

Standard size of this solar panel mounting rails SPC-R001 series:

(1) Rail Model :SPC-R001-2560

Standard length 2560 mm, suitatable for 3 units of 808 mm- 826 mm width PV modules mounting;

(2) Rail Model :SPC-R001-3405

Standard length 3405 mm, suitatable for 4 units of 808 mm- 826 mm width PV modules mounts;

(3) Rail Model :SPC-R001-4200

Standard length 4200 mm, suitatable for 4 units of 990 mm- 996 mm width PV modules mounted;

Cusmomized length aluminum rails are acceptable for solar installing projects ,
sizes can from 50 cm to 600 cm .

Our mounting rails SPC-R001 can support solar panels with stronge strength when install on tile roofs .

Optional matched components you may used are :

1. Inner Hexagon bolt : M8 X 25 mm ;

2. Alum T sliding nuts ;

3. Mid Clamps / end clamps ;

4. Rail Splice ;

Brief Descriptions :
Solar Mounting Components – Solar Mounting Rails SPC-R001
Item type:Solar Aluminum Rails
Type :Mounting Constructure Parts
Installation Site :Tile Roof
Profile Material :AL 6005 – T5 Alum
Fasten Parts :Mid & End Clamps
Color :Silvery or according to customer requirements
Wind Load :60 m / s
Snow Load :1.4 KN / M2
PV Modules :Framed, Frameless
Module Orientation :Portait and Landscape
Standards :AS/NZS 1170
DIN 1055
JIS C 8955 : 2011
International   Building Code IBC 2009
California   Building Code CBC 2010
Warranty10 years
Designed Life Span25 years
Packing Details :
Inner :Bubble bag+inner box+Carton
Outer :Wooden Box, Steel Pallet, MDF, etc

PV module mounting rails, aluminum AL6005-T5, Anodized, side-mounting structure .

PV module mounting rails are one of key components for many kinds of solar mounting structure expecially on grounding
and roof installation .

Our PV moudule aluminum rail is 4200 mm in length and can be cutted in any sizes according to mounting project required

This aluminum rail is made of high quality material and thick profile which can keep sturdy in bad storm / heavy snowfall
weathers .

Features :

– Anti-buckle , safe structure ;
– Suitable for curve tile / iron roofing ;
– Corrosive resistant in anodized aluminum alloy;
– Very suitable for snowless area ;

PV module mounting rails SPC-001

PV module mounting rails SPC-001


Factory direct PV module rails, AL-6005-T5 aluminum anodized finishes, side mounted, SPC-001

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